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How Fast is the UPSC CSE Competition Increasing?

IAS exam (UPSC Civil Services Exam) is widely considered as the toughest exam in India. Why? This is not because of the difficulty of the questions asked. Of course, the questions which come in the Preliminary, Mains or Interview stages of IAS exam are not easy. But there is another important reason.

The total number of vacancies are only approximately 1000

The primary reason is the limited number of vacancies (only approximately 1000, for all the 24 services combined like IAS[...]

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Civil services coaching in delhi

Uniform Civil Code (UCC): Pros and Cons in a nutshell

The issue of the Uniform Civil Code has emerged into India’s political discourse recently mainly because many Muslim women, affected adversely by the personal laws, have begun knocking on the doors of the Supreme Court to uphold their fundamental rights to equality and liberty in keeping with constitutional provisions. The Union law ministry has recently asked the law commission to examine the matters in relation to the implementation of the uniform civil code[...]

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